Latest Addition to Stock Portfolio: Bought 2 BTI shares at $32.71


On August 8, 2023, I bought additional 2 shares of British American Tobacco (NYSE: BTI) stock, paying $32.71 per share for our long-term dividend stock portfolio British American Tobacco plc is a British multinational company that manufactures and sells cigarettes, tobacco and other nicotine products. The company, established in 1902, is headquartered in London, England. As of 2021, it is the largest tobacco company in the world based on net sales. We are now holding 4 shares of BTI in our…

Newest additions to Stock Portfolio: 1 MO at $44.22, 1 BTI at $32.75 and 30 TLRY at $1.64


On June 15, 2023, I bought 1 share of British American Tobacco (NYSE: BTI) paying $32.75, 1 share of Altria Group (NYSE:MO) stock, paying $44.22, and 30 shares of Tilray (NASDAQ: TLRY) paying $1.64 per share for our Dividend Stock Portfolio We are now holding 1 share of BTI, 1 share of MO, and 130 shares of TLRY in our stock portfolio Using dollar-cost averaging our average cost per share: BTI: $32.75 MO: $44.22 TLRY: $3.87 Both MO and BTI will contribute about $5.5 in dividend income per…