April 2023 Stock & Crypto Portfolio Update

  • The combined value of three small investment portfolios managed at the end of April 2023 was USD 7,035.08 / EUR 6,396.66, with an impressive growth of USD 569.01 in the previous month.
  • The main goal for portfolio #1 is to grow it to 100 fully covered Amazon shares to sell covered calls on Amazon
  • Portfolio #2 is the newest and smallest portfolio, with a current value of EUR 174.63 / USD 192.06, built around TLRY stock, and we plan to sell covered calls on it once we have 100 shares. Portfolio #3 is a crypto portfolio, and in April, we took a loss of -0.1436 ETH due to badly managed options trades from previous months.

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At the end of April 2023, I was managing 3 small investment portfolios. The total value of all portfolios combined was USD 7,035.08 / EUR 6,396.66.

Last month our portfolios grow by quite an impressive USD 569.01

One of my short-term goals is to grow portfolios to $10,000. To get there it is planned to deposit additional capital, plus selling options premium.

$3,000 to go before reaching our short-term goal.

Portfolio #1

Value of Portfolio #1 at the end of April 2023

It was a good month for portfolio #1. It grew by + EUR 332.66 and stood at EUR 4,721.43 ($5,192.65) at the end of the month. For the truth's sake, we deposited an additional EUR 200 in it to have margin collateral for our options trades. So the real growth is just EUR 132.66.

The main goal for this portfolio at the moment is to grow it to 100 fully covered Amazon shares, so we can sell covered calls on Amazon.

At the end of March, we were holding just 21 shares of Amazon. 81 to go. The average buy price per Amazon share is $104.84

Additionally, we are selling high probability options trades (delta under 0.1) collecting options premium to boost the returns for the portfolio.

In April we were selling options with AMZN, INTC, BAC, WFC  and TSLA stocks. We got bit troubled with Tesla options, and I decided to stay safe and rolled them away to June expiry.

Options trades in April 2023

In the end, we managed to collect +80.53 USD from expired options trades. That would give about a 1.55% yield from the portfolio's value. If not that Tesla trade we would book about $150 from options this month.

Portfolio #2

Value of Portfolio #2 at the end of April 2023

Newest and smallest portfolio so far.

Opened at the start of February by opening a new account with Interactive Brokers and depositing EUR 50/mo. Buying TLRY stock. Currently holding 82 TLRY with an average buy price $2.9.

18 shares to go before will start selling covered calls on it. Anyhow seems that building stock portfolio around TLRY stock is not very smart as this stock most probably will go to 0.

The total value of the portfolio: EUR 174.63 / USD 192.06

Crypto Portfolio #3

Crypto portfolio April 2023

Our third portfolio is a crypto portfolio, where I trade options on the Deribit trading platform with Ethereum.

At the end of April total value of this portfolio was $1,650.37 (EUR 1,500.60)

in April we took a -0.1436 ETH loss, which comes from badly managed options trades from the previous months. 

Overall it was a good month with most gains coming from the first portfolio, and no surprise of that as it also is the largest one. 

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