New Buses in Baku, Azerbaijan

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<p>Lately I have found transport systems as a interesting topics just to satisfy my curiosity. So we days ago I wrote an article about <a href="">… high-speed trains in Poland</a> and compiled a photo posts of <a href="… and Trolleys in Georgia</a>.</p><p>Today I learned that Baku is launching new bus routes with new buses.</p><div class="desc"><strong>Now passengers will not have to hang off the bus doors.</strong></div><p>The routes of the new buses brought to the country have been made public.<br><br>According to Oxu.Az, the information was provided to AzerTag by the spokesman Fizuli Sadigov of&nbsp; "Xaliq Faiqoğlu" LLC which is engaged in passenger transportation in the capital.<br><br>According to him, 50 buses "İsuzu", which are assembled at the factory in Turkey, have recently been imported to the country.<br><br>These buses meet the Euro 5 standard, they have a spacious interior, comfortable seats and they are equipped with modern appliances. An air conditioning system is installed in the buses, they are equipped with cameras and video recorders.<br><br>The buses are equipped with special ramps for the free movement of people with disabilities, as well as older people. There are 24 seats in the buses, and the total capacity is for 69 passengers.<br><br>Another innovation is that the buses are equipped with automatic transmission and they can not move, while the doors are opened.<br><br>"So now the passengers will not be able to hang from the door of the bus. This is very important from a safety point. In addition, the side windows of buses mute the brightness of sunlight by 80%," F.Sadigov said.<br><br>To the question of what routes the new buses will operate along, the representative of "Xaliq Faiqoğlu" LLC said that in the near future, buses will be commissioned on the route line number 65 and then № 61,79,18 and 85.<br><br>But the former buses running on these routes, will operate outside the capital, and they will move on the extra-urban lines.<br><br>According to him, it is planned to bring 150 buses in the beginning of the year:<br><br>"We are trying to ensure that by the beginning of the first European Games the services on transportation of residents and visitors to the city have become more comfortable."</p><p><strong>Used resources:</strong></p><ul><li><a href="">…;