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CTR Changes After Google Has Removed Photo and Circle Count From its Search Results


<p>For long time SEO's were opting in for Google+ profile, Google Authorship and racing to gain more followers on Google's social network Google Plus, that was motivated simple - Google Authority with photos helps rank better and gives higher CTR.</p><p>I had a luck to test those features for less than a month - I implemented Google Authorship and started gaining more followers on Google+ at start of this June. Then on June 26th - Google announced that they are…

Writing 500 words in a day


<p>About a month ago I started to pay attention to length of my blog posts, and I discovered that in past - the length of my blog posts was really low.&nbsp;</p><p>This is what I wrote about a month ago:</p><blockquote><p><span>I investigated my blogging habits and found pretty sad scene - In average I'm blogging 200 words (and in some month even less) in a day. And I'm willing to change that.</span></p></blockquote><p…

CTR changes with and without Google Authorship


<p>Google recently did a &nbsp;switch how it serves its search results - this time Google removed photos and circle count from search results. Google used to served photos and displayed circle count info for those authors who had verified their Google Authorship.</p><p>The switch happened around June 26Th, 2014. And some digital marketers started to worry - how it will affect their CTR rates from Google search. Ofcourse, although I'm not a full time digital marketer,…

Is your website traffic down on weekends?


<p>If you have a website and you are using some analytic tools, you might seen that at weekends your website traffic is down.</p><p>For example my<em> "worst"</em> day is Saturday.</p><p><img src="…; width="1026" height="257"></p><p><em>At the above image you can see - with <strong>red line</strong> I have marked…

How to check Google rankings with Google Spreadsheets


<p>In this article I will show, how you can check and track your SERP with Google Spreadsheets.</p><p>But at first I will tell you a story - More than 3 years ago I started to work on a hobby (but large scale site) dedicated to Georgia. It was built with Drupal, involved Google maps, Feeds parsing (Flickr, Wikipedia and more Open data)</p><p>So basically I built a kinda Mash-up - web site, that aggregates different information related to tourism objects in Georgia…

Fat head, chunky middle, long tail


<p>Today I asked myself a question - how soon it takes to rank on Google?</p><p>Based on my experience it could be in average 3-6 month. But I decided to Google this question, and read what other might said, and found a really useful article, where it's simple explained -&nbsp;<a href="… long does it take a website to rank on Google?</a>&nbsp;</p><p>What I liked the…

SEO Analyzer from Bing


<p>I just wrote post - that this month <a title="I'm switching to Bing - for a month" href="">I'm switching my default search to Bing</a>. I did, and I started to explore - what Bing offers for me.</p><p>First thing I did - I signed up for Bing Webmasters and added my blog to it. I'll make another post soon - how to add your site to Bing Webmasters.</p><p>Few things I…

Google Pagerank toolbar updated?


<p>I have red in many places, that Google is not updating Pagerank this year anymore, and probably it will lose it's effect at all. But yesterday I noticed that my blog went from N/A to 0. And noticed that some other websites went up, and some went down.&nbsp;</p><p>Don't know what actually it means - should I be happy for my 0, or not to pay attention to that at all?</p>