Why Solana Price at $99.93 ain't no fun, But I'm still buying it?

  • In 2017, I explored the less-than-fun side of Bitcoin's $7,174.50 price, only to witness its staggering climb to a record high of $65K in 2021.
  • Fast forward to 2024, where Solana steals the spotlight at $99.93. The sense of déjà vu echoes my past skepticism when Bitcoin seemed overpriced at $7K.
  • As the Founder and CEO of TerraMatris crypto hedge fund, my optimism for Solana's future is unwavering, even daring to envision a $1,000 valuation. The TerraMatris native token, TerraM, minted on the Solana blockchain, offers an avenue for investors to participate by swapping USDC for TerraM on the Raydium liquidity pool.

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Back in 2017  I made an article Why Bitcoin Price at $7,174.50 ain't no fun, But I'm still buying it?. A lot has happened since 2017, including Bitcoin reaching its all time high at 65K in 2021. While currently trading around 45K. Ehh.. if only I would kept that Bitcoin I bought back in 2017. Unfortunately I didn't.

Now, fast forward to Solana and 2024 and why I'm buying Solana at $99.93. The reasoning behind this buy might be the same I had when Bitcoin seemed overpriced at $7K.. Today Solana seems overpriced at $100. Just a few month ago it was trading at $35.. a year ago I sold some 30 Solana coins at $12 (after the FTX crash)

Remember your capital is at risk, never invest capital you cannot afford to lose!

For the truth sake Solana has its all time high at around $250, technically speaking there is chance we are going see Solana at $250 in a reasonable time anytime. Why not? Not excluding!

Can Solana coin reach $1000 per coin? Well, why not? It would ask to increase its price 10 fold - hard but doable. Anyhow I hope to hold at least 100 Solana coins one the day when Solana coin will reach $1,000. 

But here are few things I'm doing different what I did back in 2017, back then I was buying bitcoin from my hard earned cash, this time I'm buying Solana (and not only, form cash hard earned from options trades on Bitcoin, Ethereum and hopefully anytime soon from Solana). 

As a founder and CEO of TerraMatris crypto hedge fund I'm bullish on Solana, and though it mights sound way optimistic seeing Solana at $1,000 anytime soon, I'm definitely not excluding it. 

Even more TerraMatris native token TerraM is minted on Solana blockchain and everyone is welcome to join and invest by Swapping USDC for TerraM coin on Raydium liquidity pool. Who knows how such investment could turn in 6-7 year time frame.

Swap USDC for TerraM on Raydium

You can participate in TerraMatris crypto hedge fund by owning TerraM coin. In total, there are 10,000 TerraM coins minted on the Solana network with a base value of 1 TerraM = 1 USDC. 

Each TerraM token corresponds to a 1/10,000th share in the fund, allowing investors to gain exposure to a diversified range of assets and strategies. This not only spreads risk but also offers a chance to benefit from the fund's performance.