The 'Anti-Coffee Fund': Investing $5 a Day for 33% Returns

  • Inspired by Kevin O'Leary's advice on CNBC, I created my own "anti-coffee fund" as part of my budget-conscious crypto hedge fund.
  • This fund involved investing $5 daily in futures spreads, and I meticulously planned this financial venture.
  • In just 56 days, my strategy promised to bring back the invested capital along with a remarkable 33% gain, driven by a clever Bitcoin futures contango trade.

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It was on a Saturday evening at the end of September 2023, we were returning from a Salty Garden tavern near Bazaleti Lake to Tbilisi, parked our car on the street next to our house when I noticed there was a new corner coffee shop opened in our house.

The better part of me asked me - if would I like to have a cup of coffee. I thought about it for a second - like, we have an excellent coffee machine in our apartment, and that is the only coffee I actually enjoy - mostly because the coffee is prepared as I want.

So I replied - ask how much it is for a cup of coffee?

Soon we learned one cup of latte would cost us GEL 13 (almost $5) - enough is enough I thought and said, no I don't want such an expensive coffee - I will make it for 20 cents and invest the rest.

I never buy a frape-latte-blah-blah-blah-woof-woof-woof for $2.50 - I drink coffee, one cup every morning, It costs about 18 cents to make it, and I invest the rest.

I remembered the famous words by Kevin O'Leary on CNBC and came up with my anti-coffee fund (part of my poor man's crypto hedge fund) - investing $5 daily in futures spread daily.

Later, that night I spent most of the evening crafting and tailoring my anti-coffee fund and was ready to put the first $5 in action, promising to bring me back capital invested plus some serious gains of about 33% in just 56 days (It was at the end of September - and I was buying long Bitcoin futures contract, while shorting it with November 24, 2023 expiry futures contract)

P.S. First futures contango trade on Bitcoin promises to yield $1.68 on $5 invested in 56 days (after commissions) that's about 33% yield (214% annualized) - take that corner coffeeshop woof woof blah blah blah operators.

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