June 2023 Dividend Income Report

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Welcome to the sixty (#60) dividend income report, covering earnings I've made from dividend-paying stocks in June 2023. 

Last month we spent both in Georgia and Latvia. In mid-June, the preschool for our daughter finished at QSI Tbilisi, and just shortly we left for Latvia, where we are building a frame house from scratch. The last days of June were quite fruitful and I did most of the framing for our holiday house in Latvia. 

Frame house in Latvia

From the perspective of dividend income - Last June is nothing to brag about, round 0... BUT

... I'm restarting our dividend stock portfolio from scratch, and most of June was spent on buying some bits of dividend stock to give us some financial freedom in the future. 

In the month of June, I come up with the idea of selling a bull put credit spreads on dividend-paying stocks, and from the premium received buying the stock itself. Last month using this approach I bought quite a few dividend-paying stocks.

Quick stats: 

  • Portfolio value: $4,740.49
  • Yearly dividend: $16.17 
  • Dividend yield:   0.34%

Last month I added the following stock to our dividend portfolio

  • 1 BAC
  • 1 BTI
  • 4 GPS
  • 1 MO
  • 1 NKE
  • 1 SU
  • 2 T
  • 2 VALE
  • 1 WBA

Total investment in new stock purchases: $342.93

These latest dividend stock additions will boost our dividend portfolio by about:

  • $16.17 yearly 
  • $1.34/mo
  • $0.04/daily

As most of the stocks were bought using premiums received from selling put options I actually don't care much about the quality of dividends themselves, I look at these stocks as a free meal (as long as I can manage options contracts)

Most of the options are going to expire in July, in case they are going to expire worthless I will sell more put options and from the premium received will buy additional stocks. In case my positions will get challenged I will try to roll away, preferably for a credit. In June I was rolling away BAC put from 29 to 28 and expiry in October. This means - most probably I won't add any new BAC stock until October.

In case I will get assigned to some position, I will turn this trad into the so-called wheel - and will start selling covered calls, boosting the total return from the portfolio.

Options income in June: -$711.94

I took a larger loss from trading call options on TSLA while rolling away BAC and DIS stocks in June. 

Goals for June 2024

When looking on June 2024 dividend income, I will be quite optimistic and say USD 100 is what I'm looking at.