March 2022 Dividend Income Report - $154.58

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Welcome to the fifty-ninth (#59) dividend income report, covering earnings I've made from dividend-paying stocks in March 2022.

Last month we spent both in Georgia and Latvia. We had a Spring break from QSI school in Tbilisi and we decided to visit Latvia, my daughter had a chance to pick up some Latvian, and I had a chance to install floors at our Vilgåle apt. Also, we bought an old Mercedes Benz ML 400 SUV car, so we have transport next time when in Latvia. Rental cars add up in the end.

Mercedes Benz ML 400

Buying a car in Riga

From the perspective of dividend income - Last March was nothing to brag about, some humble $154.58 from a few dividend-paying stocks.

Dividend income in March 2022

From the dividend stocks I got the following income last month:

DOW $53.54
PFE $40.80
WBA $36.53
INTC $15.51
ARCC $3.82
AWP $3.40
BAC $0.54
GOLD $0.44

Total: $154.58

Dividend income march 2022

Most stocks are from the DOW Jones list, these are the stocks I additionally sell covered calls on to boost our total income

Goals for March 2023

When looking at March 2023, I will be quite optimistic and say USD 160 is what I'm looking at. Should add more stocks paying dividends during March.