Newest additions to Stock Portfolio: 1 MO at $44.22, 1 BTI at $32.75 and 30 TLRY at $1.64

On June 15, 2023, the following stocks were purchased for the Dividend Stock Portfolio:

  • 1 share of British American Tobacco (BTI) at $32.75
  • 1 share of Altria Group (MO) at $44.22
  • 30 shares of Tilray (TLRY) at $1.64 per share

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On June 15, 2023, I bought 1 share of British American Tobacco (NYSE: BTI) paying $32.75, 1 share of Altria Group (NYSE:MO) stock, paying $44.22, and 30 shares of Tilray (NASDAQ: TLRY) paying $1.64 per share for our Dividend Stock Portfolio

We are now holding 1 share of BTI, 1 share of MO, and 130 shares of TLRY in our stock portfolio

Using dollar-cost averaging our average cost per share:

  • BTI: $32.75
  • MO: $44.22
  • TLRY: $3.87

Both MO and BTI will contribute about $5.5 in dividend income per year to our stock portfolio

To finance these purchases I was using BTI and MO stocks, by selling credit spreads on them. for financing purchase for TLRY stock, I was selling a put option on Barrick Gold stock.

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