Stocks, Concrete works and Drone Repair in Riga

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The day started with me waiting for the Euronext stock exchange to open. I had 300 shares with Dutch ING stock and was looking to write covered calls to generate some income. Unfortunately, my portfolio was dragged under EUR 2,000 balance and I had to wait a few minutes to recover slightly above EUR 2,000 and sell covered calls. Sold, Sold, Sold.

Then I left for Vilgale Apartment to prepare the bathroom for tiling, a few weeks ago I bought a special shower tray, over which I poured concrete. it will take me a few more days before proceeding with actual tiling works. I ran short concrete and bought an additional ready-made mixture at Kuldiga.

In the evening I wanted to film the area with a drone, but one of the drone wings got damaged and I sent the drone over Omniva packomat for a repair in Riga. Found some nice drone guys over the internet at

Life is good.