Vilgāle apt update: Tiling Bathroom Wall


It has been a while since our latest update from the Vilgāle apartment in Latvia. Back in the Summer, I did flooring work, by installing laminate and tiling the bathroom floor. From the large tasks left, a shower is among the priorities.  As most of the piping work has been done, the floor has been tiled in the bathroom, it was left to the tile wall on which the shower will stand, install a water boiler, and lastly install the shower itself. At the start of January 2023, my brother helped me…

Stargazing in Ječi, Boat Riding in Laidi, Stock Trading in Vilgāle


Yesterday we traveled to Ječi to move the lawn, grill a fish and use it as a camp base before visiting a pebbled beach near Nida close to the Latvian/Lithuanian. Our new favorite shop - LIDL, fish is awesome and the rest is good too. We are lucky to have one LIDL store in Liepaja, about 25 km from our Ječi house.  I love both Nida and Pape, really awesome beaches. Pāvilosta is good, Jūrkalne too.  After returning to Ječi and making our campfire it was already dark and I guess I was able to…

More Laminate flooring, Tiles for the Bathroom + some electricity works


After the tile removal in the kitchen and hallway area, it was already agreed - I will re-install laminate there. Additionally, after hydro isolation works in the bathroom I decided I will tile again. I was very scared before the new tile job and measured everything 10 times before applying tile glue. Also, I decided to go for 6mm spacers (instead of 3mm) I bought 8m2 of laminate, but was bit short after my first day, bought additioanal 4m2 at the end I had to spend a good afternoon deciding…

Evening on the Vilgāle Lake


It was already past 8 PM, I was just finished tiling the bathroom at our Vilgāle apartment when my fiancee and kiddo arrived to pick me up. My best part gave me the drone and said - it's a beautiful evening to fly a drone. I looked around and agreed. The Vilgāle lake was covered in mist, the Sun was setting. Beautiful.  Look at the beautiful rooftop on the bottom left. Across the lake there is Vilgale village located where we own a Soviet style apartment Piece of Life

Listing Vilgāle apartment for sale


After some thinking, I decided to list for sale our Vilgāle apartment.  I bought this apartment about two years ago in an online auction, paying about EUR 4,000. During the past two years, we have done some serious renovation with a total investment being closer to EUR 18,000.  Today I bought my first flat on an online auction site I decided to list it for EUR 25,000 on local website, here is the advert: The owner is selling a renovated apartment in Vilgale - double glazed windows,…

Stocks, Concrete works and Drone Repair in Riga


The day started with me waiting for the Euronext stock exchange to open. I had 300 shares with Dutch ING stock and was looking to write covered calls to generate some income. Unfortunately, my portfolio was dragged under EUR 2,000 balance and I had to wait a few minutes to recover slightly above EUR 2,000 and sell covered calls. Sold, Sold, Sold. Then I left for Vilgale Apartment to prepare the bathroom for tiling, a few weeks ago I bought a special shower tray, over which I poured concrete.…

How To Tile Kitchen / hallway floor


The time had finally come and I was ready to tile the kitchen and hallway floors at our Vilgale apartment. A year ago I would say  - no way I'm going to do it myself, but here you go, I did it all on my own, with some research on Youtube and a lot of encouragement from friends who have done it. As it is in our Tbilisi apartment - I decided to go with large 60cmx60cm tiles, which I bought at the local DEPO store (in Liepaja) In total I purchased tiles to cover 21m2, which turned out too much,…

Installing laminate flooring, painting walls


During the weekend I did a lot at our Vilgāle apartment, fixed some electric plugs, painted walls, and installed the floor, but first things first - it was agreed to save huge on the floor by choosing laminate instead of parquet. We paid less than EUR 9/m2 for laminate and saved on installation as I did it myself. Parquet would cost about EUR 40-50/m2. I chose DEPO store in Riga to buy the floor and tools In total paid EUR 378 for about 32m2 laminate, figure saw and wooden fiber boards (the…

Polishing, Painting and some cable works


I spent another day at our Vilgāle apt, today's plan was to polish the ceiling and wall (I yesterday plastered) and add the base layer of paint for the living room and hallway. In the morning we went to Majai un darzam store in Kuldīga, where I bought a bucket of paint, some plugs, and switches, special screws for drywall, so I can properly install the lamp from IKEA, and the day started. Yesterday I decided to apply more plaster on kitchen wall (under the window) today Ibpolished it and…

Wall Plastering, Ceiling Paint, Some Electricity works


It has been a while since the latest update from the Vilgale apartment, in fact, it has been 3 months since I last visited it. Now, having a Spring break from QSI school in Tbilisi, we decided to visit Latvia for some 2 weeks and do some things - like continuing with the renovation works at the Vilgāle apt. I bought some materials back in Riga at the Depo store and was the very happy and enthusiastic starting day today at Vilgāle. This is where we were left before the New Year of 2022. Today I…