Why I Decided to Invest in McDonald's Stock

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Investing in McDonald's stock wasn't something I initially planned, but rather a decision influenced by my family's occasional interactions with the brand. It all started with a simple observation: our kiddo loves Happy Meals. Every time we ordered McDonald's for our child, I saw an opportunity to invest in a company that has become a part of our family routine.

The Idea: Invest While You Eat

One evening, after seeing another Happy Meal ordered to our kiddo, a thought struck me: why not invest in McDonald's every time we order food from them? The idea was simple yet powerful. By doubling up our expenditure—spending an equivalent amount on McDonald's stock each time we ordered food—we could gradually build a portfolio in a company that we were already supporting regularly.

McDonald's and Our Family Routine

Living in Tbilisi, we often use Glovo delivery service, including to order from McDonald's. Additionally, McDonald's has become a part of our travel routine. Whether we're departing from Tbilisi on the Kakheti or Gori highways, a stop at McDonald's drive-thru is occasionally happens. These regular interactions with McDonald's made me realize the brand's enduring presence in our lives.

A Vegetarian's Perspective

As a vegetarian, there are limited options for me at McDonald's, but I still find my favorites: the Fish Fillet Burger and the cherry pie. Despite the limited choices, I've been a big advocate of McDonald's. This personal connection made the decision to invest even more meaningful.

Why McDonald's Stock?

  1. Consistency and Reliability: McDonald's has a long history of delivering consistent performance. Their ability to adapt to changing market conditions while maintaining quality has always impressed me.
  2. Global Presence: With a presence in over 100 countries, McDonald's has a vast and diverse customer base. This global reach provides stability and growth opportunities.
  3. Innovation: McDonald's continually innovates its menu and services. From introducing healthier options to enhancing their delivery and drive-thru services, the company stays relevant and appealing to a broad audience.
  4. Dividend Growth: McDonald's has a strong track record of paying and growing dividends. As an investor, this is a crucial factor, offering both income and growth potential.

The Investment Journey

Since starting this investment journey, I've watched our small but growing portfolio of McDonald's stock with a sense of satisfaction. Every Happy Meal ordered, every stop at the drive-thru, now feels like a step towards building a solid investment for the future.


Investing in McDonald's stock was a natural progression from our frequent patronage of the brand. By aligning our spending with our investment strategy, we found a unique way to combine personal enjoyment with financial growth. McDonald's, with its global presence, innovative spirit, and consistent performance, continues to be a reliable investment choice for us. And every time our kiddo smiles over a Happy Meal, I know we've made the right decision.

This personal journey into investing in McDonald's is a testament to finding investment opportunities in everyday life. Sometimes, the best investment ideas come from the most unexpected places—like a Happy Meal order for your child.