Azerbaijan vs UAE: Comparing the Oil-rich Countries' GDP and Living Standards

Have you read the recent article on NYTimes about Azerbaijan's ambitious plan to become famous?

Azerbaijan, like UAE, is an oil-rich country with aspirations for growth and development. In this post, we will compare the GDP and living standards of Azerbaijan and UAE to see how they compare.

Using data from the World Bank, we can see that in 2011, the GDP of Azerbaijan was 63.4 billion USD while the GDP of UAE was 360.2 billion USD. The GDP per capita in Azerbaijan was 6.911 thousand USD and in UAE it was 40.363 thousand USD.

It's clear that UAE has a much higher standard of living than Azerbaijan, but Azerbaijan has ambitions to catch up.

In a future blog post, we will examine the oil reserves of each country and explore the possibility of Azerbaijan outperforming UAE. Additionally, we will delve into the distribution of wealth in Azerbaijan and UAE, to understand if the wealth is evenly shared among the citizens or controlled by a few oligarchs. Stay tuned for more insights on Azerbaijan vs UAE comparison.