Buying Property in Tbilisi - EcoCity Samgori - January 2023 Update

My mom visited us in Tbilisi for about a 2-week stay. As it was already the end of January, and I have the plan to visit our construction site at least once a month, to document the progress, take some photos and enjoy a cup of coffee at the local Navthlugi market, I decided to take my mom with me and go for a short excursion to Samgori.

Prior to that, after our second monthly payment to the Developer, I sent a message over WhatsApp asking what is the progress of the construction site, and when the actual construction works are planned to start:

[08:10, 1/16/2023] Reinis: Good morning, and happy new year!
[08:10, 1/16/2023] Reinis: Are there some updates regarding construction?
[15:54, 1/16/2023] Reinis: Good afternoon! Did you get the building permit?
[16:04, 1/16/2023] +995 596 14 14 14: Hello, thank you, and happy new year, I wish you all the best!
[16:05, 1/16/2023] +995 596 14 14 14: we have update, the municipality asked for slight changes to the project, our architectural department is working on it, and they will finalize it this week, after that, we will have permission from the municipality after 21 working days.
[16:06, 1/16/2023] Reinis: Ok. Thanks for sharing

21 working days sounds like actually two months to me, and I'm not expecting actual construction works to start earlier than in March / April.

Samgori Ecocity January 24, 2023

Arriving on the construction site I saw that the actual construction works haven't yet started for our project. But I noticed the project located next to our block, has gone up about 1 floor since we previously visited the construction site at the start of December. Back then I was told, that builders are asking for about 1 month for 1 floor. Seems true. 

Ecocity Samgori is planned 15 story building - so we should expect 15 months at the minimum to build it from ground to top, and that's just floors. And we haven't yet started.

Ecocity Samgori

Nevertheless, I felt quite encouraged - I went to the actual construction site and met with a foreman, who confirmed that the plan has been updated for the construction works and seems the works will resume (or start) soon.

Also, I see on Facebook that the developer company is quite active, in promoting this project. - which encourages that construction will start soon.

It was quality time spent together with my mom. Talking and enjoying a cup of tea at the nearby Navthlugi market.

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