Center for Immunization and Prevention in Tbilisi

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Center for Immunization and Prevention in Tbilisi is located on Tashkent street 10a.

My first visit here happened after a stray dog bit me in the leg, and being afraid of rabies I asked my partner what should I do. She called to our insurance company (Ardi) - and they told me I should go to the Center for Immunization and Prevention on Tashkent street.

After the workout got bitten by a stray dog. Sandra witht the help of office and Insurance company sent me to the immunization center on Tashkent Street, where I had a chance to meet a very nice doctor Badri who had been to Madliena and Ogre one year before my birth. 3 shots today. 5 more visits till the New Year. I must be one lucky man!

I took my passport and insurance policy number, headed to the Center for Immunization and Prevention, and in a matter of 20 minutes, it was all set up. At least the first visit.

In total, I was informed I should come 5 more times to finish the vaccine course. 

Very nice and professional people here.

As the insurance covered all the costs I'm not sure what would be the price for vaccines without insurance, but I was told that the first dose would cost me around GEL 120 (price as of Decemebr 2021)

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