Goldigen Room Artisan Pizza In Kuldiga

Welcome to another Kuldīga Restaurant review - today I will write about a lovely pizza place located just in heart of Kuldīga town - Goldingen Room Artisan Pizza.

The family restaurant Goldingen room, located in the heart of the old town of Kuldiga – Town Hall Square, is a story about the taste and mood of Italy. The restaurant offers to discover flavors of Mediterranean cuisine, complete with topping-up local produce and matching wines from Italian, French and local producers, and other soft drinks. You can also enjoy real Italian pizzas here, fried in a wood-burned pizza oven, delicious Italian pasta, and more. The interior of the restaurant is designed in an industrial romantic way. Every detail, original furniture, and the dish is thoughtful.

Turns out this article has been in my draft section since early April 2015, so long we have been visiting this place once in a while, and what's best - the quality and service still feel as it was back in the days.

Summer patio - a glass house at Artisan Pizza

Summer patio - a glasshouse at Artisan Pizza

You probably will notice Goldigen Room by seeing this glasshouse, what actually is a summer terrace/patio, just in front of Kuldīga Townhall

Artisan Pizza Glass house

Artisan Pizza Glasshouse

interior at Goldingen Room

We have been heading to Goldigen Room every time when in Kuldiga - pizza, coffee, salads and more

Pizza margherita

Good quality food for a reasonable price. 

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