Grill Town Restaurant in Batumi

  • Grill Town restaurant in Batumi is a top recommendation, located near Sheraton Hotel on Rustaveli Avenue, and serving both European and Georgian cuisine with a focus on grilled dishes.
  • This restaurant has been a favorite spot during previous trips to Batumi, and during a recent visit in April 2023, we celebrated its one-year anniversary with free Sangrias and friendly staff.
  • Despite being a vegetarian, the grilled chicken with vegetables was a standout dish, and Grill Town Batumi is the perfect spot for those who enjoy grilled food or just want to relax with a glass of wine. The total check for our meal, which included additional items like french fries, badrijani, and ice cream dessert, was around GEL 150.

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Grill Town restaurant in Batumi is among one of my best finds in recent years. Located close to the Sheraton Hotel on Rustaveli Avenue in Batumi. 

We first discovered this restaurant in some of our previous Batumi trips, so this time it was a no-brainer to visit this place.

During our latest visit here in April 2023, it turned out to be the restaurant 1 year anniversary and we got some free Sangrias and very smiling staff members.

Grill Town restaurant in Batumi

Grill town restaurant is locatad in two floors. This place serves European and Georgian cuisine with accent on grilled foods.

Grilled chicken with vegetables

Even being vegetarian I found the above-grilled chicken very inviting.

Grilled fish

If you are into grilled foods or just for a glass of wine - Grill Town Batumi is the place to go! Our total check was about GEL 150 for all the above-listed food, plus some french fries, badrijani, ice cream dessert and probably something more.

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