Hotel Dalis Mta

Hotel Dalis Mta is located some 35 kilometers from the Dedoplitskaro town, right next to the Dalis Mta water reservoir in the Chachuna managed area.

We had a chance to stay here overnight at the start of June 2020, as the trip was organized by a German friend, he was the one who found and booked this place. The hotel charged GEL 50 per person, plus an additional GEL 30 dinner and an additional GEL 30 breakfast. If you are into grilling I guess it shouldn't be a problem to prepare a grill (as long as you have firewood and meat with you)

We booked this place in the frames of a weekend trip to Chachuna managed area, visiting mud volcanoes, eagle canyon and Big Shirtaki airfield

Solar panels installed at Dalis MTA hotel in Georgia

Solar panels installed at Dalis MTA hotel in Georgia

There is limited power (runs on solar panels plus generator) and no internet connection or phone coverage (so I guess it would be hard to call the place)

We got a nice, simple room with 3 beds, a separate bathroom and electricity was turned in for a few hours in the evening. 

I had a short small talk with the owner Lia and her associate, I was told this houses were originally built as houses for the workers for Dalis Mta water reservoir (just later I learned the reservoir has been built at the 80-ies). In the past it seems are had both electricity and telephone cables available.. Hotel owners are participating in some kind of Georgian govt support fund, and are receiving some tax-payer money.

In short very nice stay, during the night we could hear crickets and see clear sky, which is rare. Maybe I could return here for some Milkyway photography in the future, who knows.

Here I'm leaving some contact information I was able to found:

  • phone: +995 .599 90 18 06
  • email:
  • Facebook page:
41.290782, 45.8957611