How Amazon Affiliates get paid in Republic of Georgia - Part 1

How participants of Amazon Associates program are getting paid in the Republic of Georgia by a bank check is a blog series I originally made at the end of 2014 / start of 2015 while struggling to redeem my first bank check issued by Amazon,

Although it's still technically possible to withdraw bank checks in Georgia, at the end of 2016, I flew to the US and opened a bank account there, see: How To Open A Bank Account in the U.S., As A Non-resident Non - citizen, Wells Fargo Bank

For complete series of my adventures while living in Georgia with Georgian banks and checks from Amazon, please see:

I have a feeling this will be a long and fun experience on how to get paid in the Republic of Georgia by Amazon Associates checks :)

For a prelude:

I'm a proud Amazon Associate since this summer and have earned already a bit more than $450... On a day when I did my daily routine Amazon report checking, I was asked to provide my TAX information before getting paid. I filled this form with huge responsibility.  As I'm neither US citizen nor US resident I was left to fill some TAX form for non-US persons. Ok...

Well - I had an idea - hell - I can open a bank account in the US, and get Direct Deposit from Amazon to US bank, so did I decided to send a message to Associates Customer Support:

Dear Associates Support! 

I have a question regarding payment to bank account for international associates (not located in US) 

This is what I found on Direct Deposit FAQ: 
Amazon Associates allows people to be paid by direct deposit to their nominated bank accounts if they and their bank are based within the United States. 

And this is my question: 
If I do have bank account in US (as non US Citizen nor US-resident) - can I use it to receive payments from Associates or I do not qualify? 

If I can - should I modify my tax information? 

Thank you for taking time and looking into this, 

I got an answer:

Hello Reinis,

I understand you have some questions regarding our direct deposit option.

In order to qualify for the direct deposit of your Associates earnings, all three of the following conditions must be met:

1) Your payee address must be in the United States

2) Your bank must be a United States Financial Institution

3) You must have a U.S. tax ID number or a Social Security number.

Since your payee address is located outside of the US, payment by direct deposit isn't available to you.

However, you still have the option to be paid by gift card or check. If you select check as your payment method, we'll send payment after your earnings balance reaches $100. The check will be mailed to the payee address on file for your account. If you choose to be paid by gift card, the claim code is sent to your e-mail address for you to redeem. There is a $10 minimum for gift card payments. Gift card payments from the Amazon Associates Program can be redeemed on and Gift card payments will be sent to you from the e-mail address; you may want to add this to your Safe Senders List or address book to ensure that it’s not blocked from your e-mail inbox. To change your payment method, use the following link: I hope this helps.

Best regards,

Becky E.


Now I decided to contact my bank

Dear Support!

I have a question regarding to checks, can I cash them in ProcreditBank? For example if Amazon send s me a check in value of $450. 

What is the fee for check operations? If the money is sent in USD can it be deposited directly to my bank account in USD currency?

How long does this procedure takes time?
What information must be provided on check? Does it's enough just of my name and surname?

Thank you for looking into this,

Got a short answer

Dear customer,

Our bank can't cash checks.

Best regards,
Distance Banking Unit

Hmm... sent another message to my bank

Dear Support!

What is the reason why Amazon Associates checks can be cashed at ProCreditBank?

Which bank should I go then?

Got a super cool answer

dear customer,

if you mean to use you plasstic card in internet,you can"t becouse you have visa electron and it daoesn't have this function.for this you must order visa clasic or mastercard standart.

best regards,
Distance Banking Unit

Sent another message, trying to explain better my situation

Dear Support I mean to receive a Check from Amazon Associates program - and cash this check at Procredit bank - I don't mean to make any purchases on Amazon with my current card.

Does your bank accepts checks? If so - can It accept checks sent by

Because of reading on your page I found, yes ProCredit accepts checks, and takes 40USD commission on that.. Can you please confirm or deny that I can cash check sent by at Procredit bank.

Got another reply:

Dear customer,

Our bank can cash only commercial cheques,bank cheques. Mentioned condition, that client must have 6 month active turnover, is required for bank cheques. We can't cash amazon cheques.

Best regards,
Distance Banking Unit

I started to wonder - maybe we do not understand each other? 

So if Amazon issues a commercial bank checqu? It can be accepted? Is that right?

What is the commission for that operation?

Does my account qualifies for 6 month active turnover?

Got another, yet final reply from the bank

Dear Customer, 

We can accept only commercial bank checks for this you must have last 6 month active turnover on your account in our bank. You can visit our central branch, on Kazbegi 21, and show us that check. 

Commission on that ammount will be : correspondent and issuer banks expenses + 1% of amount min 40 USD + postal expenses. 

Best Regards, 
Distance Banking Unit

Now I'm left to wait and wonder what will happen next - is it really possible to clear a check sent by Amazon or not in the Republic of Georgia?

Are you from Georgia? Are you an Amazon affiliate partner? How do you receive your check to Georgia? Leave me a comment!

I will add the second part of this post - once I'll actually receive that check from Amazon. I guess it could take some 2-3 months :) 

How Amazon Associates Receives Their Checks in the Republic of Georgia - Part 2