How To Fix Access to the path 'C:\Users\...\My Music' is denied when opening a Trados Studio project package

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The other day Gvantsa from the translation office in Tbilisi asked if could I help to fix her Trados SDL Studio 2021.

As not being an actual user of this program, just providing support for the office technique I took a look and saw there are some problems with permissions, as the software was saying Access to the path 'C:\Users\...\My Music' is denied when opening a Trados Studio project package.

I thought what a strange choice for the folder and most probably there are some permission problems. Though that may be running this software as an administrator might solve the issue, it didn't

My second guess, was maybe the Windows operating system is glitching as it has been a while since I did some system updates. And I decided to go with a fresh install, but before that, I thought - just to google this error code and... the solution was much more simple:

Seems, not only we have been encountred this problem, but the questin was already asked on Trados support desk (Error processing command line arguments: Access to the path 'C:\Users\...\My Music' is denied when opening a Trados Studio project package)


When you open any Trados Studio package, you receive the following error (the folder location might be different than the ones listed here):

Access to the path ' C:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Music' is denied or
Access to the path ' C:\Users\[username]\Documents\My Pictures' is denied or
Access to path ' C:\$Recycle.Bin\S-1-5-18' denied or
Access to the path ' C:\ProgramData\Application Data' is denied

Reset Trados Studio to default settings

  1. Close Trados Studio
  2. Go to: C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\SDL\SDL Trados Studio (you can copy/paste this path directly in Windows File Explorer)
  • for Trados Studio 2015 : rename the folder to OLD_12.0.0.0
  • for Trados Studio 2017 : rename the folder to OLD_14.0.0.0
  • for Trados Studio 2019 : rename the folder to OLD_15.0.0.0
  • for Trados Studio 2021 : rename the folder Studio16 to OLD_Studio16
  • for Trados Studio 2022: the folder location is C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Trados\Trados Studio where you can rename Studio17 to OLD_Studio17

If you can't find the paths above, open Windows File Explorer, click on View and check Hidden Items checkbox: Showing hidden files, folders and extensions on Windows operating systems

As we were using Trados Studio 2021, I simply renamed Studio16 folder to OLD_Studio16. And on the next launch system automatically created a new folder, with fixed permisons.

Hope it helps!