Nida Pebble Beach

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Nida Pebble beach is the most Southern public beach of Latvia located on the Baltic sea shores just 1 km from the Lithuanian border.

The pebble beach is quite uncharacteristic for a typical Latvian seaside beach and that already a good reason to visit it. 

Nida pebbled beach in Latvia

In fact the pebbles are hardly visible but still.

Nida pebbled beach

There are plenty of smaller stones, so some can build some art. \on the other hand, there are plenty of pebbles in the sea. A good foot massage guaranteed. 

Costal hiking

The sign is saying - 1km to the border (Latvia/Lithuania)

It is said that Nida pebble beach is a protected area with a total area of 37.1 sqm. Milk quartz pebbles can be found at the beach.

Costal hiking

Really authentic and inspiring place. If you happen to be in this area, make sure to visit. 

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