Oskars Kalpaks Museum and Memorial Place "Airītes"

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Oskars Kalpaks Museum and Memorial Place "Airītes" is a branch of the Latvian War Museum established in memory of the hero of the Latvian War of Independence Colonel Oskars Kalpaks in "Airītes", Zirņi Parish, Saldus Region.

On March 6, 1919 during the liberation battles of Latvia, colonel Oskars Kalpaks, commander of the First Latvian Special Battalion; Nikolajs Grundmanis, the First Commander of the Battalion's Special Company; Peteris Krievs, Lieutenant-General of the Cavalry Squad and Johans-Hans Srinders, Lieutenant of the Baltic Home Guard Artillery died near Airites.



From 1922-1933 monuments in remembrance of the four heroes were unveiled here, and the Oskars Kalpaks Memorial was opened in 1936. During the Soviet occupation, the Airites Museum and memorial ensemble were closed down. The memorial was reopened in 1988, and the renovated museum opened its doors in 1990. The museum's exhibition shows the role of Oskars Kalpaks and his battalion during the liberation battles

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