Tbilisi's Revitalized Beauty: Aghmashenebeli Avenue and Dry Bridge

It was one of the few weekends, at the start of September 2023, when we decided to stay in Tbilisi, instead of traveling around Georgia, and spend quality time in the city.

We agreed to walk by foot to Aghmashenebeli Avenue, and from there visit Dry Bridge and Orbeliani Square, and depending on the mood return home or keep exploring the city.

Aghmanashebeli avenue in Tbilisi

I remember this area before the great restoration works started, and I love returning here time after time.

New Life for Agmashenebeli avenue, Tbilisi

Aghmanashebeli street in Tbilisi

A few weeks ago, Tbilisi mayor Kakha Kaladze announced that all street cafeterias will need a special license to keep outdoor spaces. During our short walk, most of the outdoor spaces were removed, but a few stayed (apparently with a license)

Aghmanashebeli street in Tbilisi

The major restoration works were performed here back in 2016, with renovating completely all streets and all houses (at least facades)

Dry bridge market

From here on we headed towards Dry Bridge, spent a few minutes, and headed towards Orbeliani Square, but didn't reach it as met some expat friends in the park opposite the President's Palace and stayed there for a few hours.

Piece of Life after all!