Public Service Hall in Tianeti

Georgia is well know of its unique style and design for Public service halls across the country.

The most famous probably is the Tbilisi Public service hall (Ups, I don't have a separate article about it yet, but yes, there is a good reason to make one soon). I was surprised when noticed a futuristic public service hall in Tianeti (small rural town located some 75km from nations capital Tbilisi), as the only cool sites I have found so far in Tianeti were Kuzh Park and a lovely roadside cafeteria Vanessa

Tianeti Public Service Hall

Tianeti Public Service Hall

Tianeti public service hall have been built and opened for public just recently (in 2015) the cost for the State budget was GEL 2,735,114 (About USD 1,098,000). 

Description of the project:

All sides of facade of new Public Service Hall building in Tianeti are rich with architectural and civil engineering solutions. The main panel is located on the south-west side of the complex. According to the project, the main hall is accommodated in the same part too. The central building is most different from the other parts and facades and is implemented with big stone wall and aluminum and glass facade system. Spatial roofing creates an optical illusion of inclination.

The greater part of technical and auxiliary facilities are placed in the north-east side of the building. Building consists of several spaces according to their functions. The Civil Registry Office differs with its interior and exterior and independent architectural solutions. The main hall is signified with its height and expanse.

Office space is terraced in the cantilever arch of the building that accomplishes with meeting room with large corbels. Arrangement of recreational space and different types of landscaping works are scheduled.  Building is faced with stone, glass and wooden panels.

Construction territory with total area of 438 m2 is located on Sanikidze Street, Tianeti.

“Saba Construction” LTD commenced Tianeti Public Service Hall building works on the basis of the agreement concluded with LEPL “Public Service Hall” in February, 2015 (Tender № SPA150000280). Public Service Hall building in Tianeti has been put into service in October, 2015.

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