Salty Garden Tavern in Mlashe

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Salty Garden Tavern is an awesome place located in Mlashe village, some 60 km from the nation's capital Tbilisi near the Bazaleti lake

We discovered this place at the end of May 2021 and were surprised to learn that the owner of the tavern - David speaks some Latvian.

Mlashe village

Mlashe village

Our mission is to support the development of our village Mlashe, protection of its ecosystem. Salty Garden provides working places to local people, therefore they won’t leave the village in search of the other job.

Traditional crafts are valuable resources that need to be protected. 

We have already employed two Mlashe’s families and some more are providing us veggies, fresh milk and meat.

All veggies and fruits are growing with no use of pesticides, accordingly newest bio standards. The waste is recycling. 

Now Mlashe is a place to be.

Cool views, authentic Georgian cuisine, kid-friendly, pet-friendly,  very friendly, and goodhearted owners.

Dinner at Salty Garden

Dinner at Salty Garden

yummy, one of the best katmis mcvadi and tasty homemade lemonades. the menu is pretty nice and adopted for European style. Our bill here some GEL 100

Atuthor of this blog (left) and David (right) - owner of this tavern

Author of this blog (left) and David (right) - the owner of this tavern

David speaks quite well Latvian (besides his native Georgian, English and Russian)

Sallty Garden Tavern in Georgia

Sallty Garden Tavern in Georgia

Visit us for lunch, for a nice walk around, to watch late afternoon sunlight, flames in the fireplace. Visit us for a good talk or a moment of silence. There is something for everyone. Any kind of activity for every taste can be found here.

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