11 Katkha

11 Katkha Tbilisi Restaurant on Nikoloz Baratashvili street


11 Katkha has been my favorite Georgian cuisine Tbilisi restaurant for years, for a long time I loved to visit 11 Katkha restaurant near Dinamo stadium, sadly one-day I learned that Dinamo stadium branch is closed. From my understanding 11 Katkha is a restaurant chain, as soon I found another branch in Saburtalo. I've been heading to Saburtalo for about a year, just to enjoy the best katmis mcvadi in town. Now, huge was my surprise discovering 11 Katha restaurant opened in the city center (…

11 Katkha Tbilisi Restaurant Review (Near Dinamo Stadium) (2015)


Welcome to another great Tbilisi Restaurant review - today I will speak about 11 Katkha Update 2023: This place has been closed for a while already. There are at least two other 11 Katkha restaurants in Tbilisi, one is in Saburtalo, second is on Baratishvili street (close to Freedom square), read my latest review here: 11 Katkha Tbilisi Restaurant on Nikoloz Baratashvili street 11 Katkha is a restaurant located in Tbilisi, Georgia, serving traditional Georgian cuisine. I believe there are two…