Bazalet lake

Easter 2022


Good times in Georgia or another awesome Easter weekend have been recorded in our tapes. From the windy mountains near Mtskheta, hiking trip near Turtle lake, egg fights in Tbilisi, meeting fellow Latvians at Vake park, and dining near the Bazaleti lake. Enjoy the video and thumbs up!

Trip To Bazaleti Lake in Georgia


This weekend we decided to stay in close proximity to Tbilisi - choosing Tsilkani, Natakhtari, Bazaleti route - met a few donkeys, a lot of butterflies, and tried some of the best katmis mcvadi at Salty Garden and of course cooling off at Biltmore's swimming pool in the afternoon

Bazaleti Lake in Georgia


The Bazaleti Lake is a lake in eastern Georgia some 60 km northwest of the nation's capital Tbilisi and 5 km south of the town of Dusheti. It is used for fish culture, irrigation, and recreation. The nearby village and the historical district around the lake are also known as Bazaleti. I had heard about Bazaleti lake before and thought there are some recreational facilities built around it. In fact, kind of, there are some buildings and even some restaurants. Thus when I first visited it,…