Georgia - Never Miss a Moment


Georgia - Never Miss a Moment - or we had an extended weekend, 4 days to keep us busy, made some hyperlapses in Tbilisi, learned to ride a scooter around the Lisi lake, climbed up to St Peters and Paul's monastery in Bolnisi, found some poppy fields, and wandered around The Chronicle of Georgia monument near the Tbilisi sea. Like, share, and enjoy! Filmed April 30 - May 3, 2021 DJI Mavic Air + Premiere Pro Music by Scott Holmes - Never miss a moment!

Day trip to Bolnisi and nearby vicinity


Day trips to Bolnisi and region of Kvemo Kartli are quite possible and easy done from Tbilisi.  In the mid-December, we bought an SUV VW Touareg car and it was just the right time to put it on the test, so we decided to make a day trip to some easy and close place from Tbilisi.  As we were traveling with our 5-month-old daughter it was important to return home the same day, though there are some great hotels available in Bolnisi. Bolnisi is located just some 70 km from Tbilisi and it might…

Saint Peter and Paul Monastery Complex of Bolnisi


Saint Peter and Paul Monastery Complex of Bolnisi was built in 2012 and is located on Mount Elia close to the Bolnisi town in Georgia. First discovered and kind of visited in mid-December 2018, during a day trip to Bolnisi region. Originally I thought that at this place is located Bolnisi Sioni, and once we let our Tbilisi apt I just entered Bolnisi church in Google navigation. Huge was my surprise arriving at the real Bolnisi Sioni Cathedral instead of this place. From Bolnisi Sioni we…

Tsughrughasheni Church


Tsughrughasheni is a Georgian Orthodox church in the Bolnisi District, Georgia. It is situated approximately 2 kilometers from Bolnisi Sioni basilica, on the right bank of the Bolnisistsqali River. The church was built in 1212–1222 supposedly by King George IV Lasha of the Bagrationi Dynasty. Tsughrughasheni church in Georgia I first discovered and visited Tsughrughasheni church and monastery in mid-December during a day trip to Bolnisi. It was a bit hard actually to get here physically,…

Bolnisi Sioni Cathedral


Bolnisi Sioni Cathedral is a Georgian Orthodox basilica in the Bolnisi village of Bolnisi District, Georgia. The cathedral was built in 478–493. It is the oldest extant church building in Georgia. Bishop David was the overseeing church leader for the construction of Bolnisi Sioni. It took me more than 7 years of living in Georgia to visit for the first time Bolnisi and Bolnisi Sioni at the end of December 2018, though I was familiar that there are one of the oldest historical documents of the …