Champions Academy

Notes from Tbilisi - Gym, BitcoinGeorgia.Ge, Georgian for Expats and Bitcoin dips under $32,000


Wow, what a day it was today - stock futures were opening lower, quite lower, Dow Jones index was failing more than 400 points, extending the stock market bleeding for some sixth or seventh week in a row. I was holding several long bitcoin positions on Deribit with strike prices above $40,000, and the losses just kept accelerating, to keep my positions above the water I bought more bitcoin and deposited them on Deribit.  Bitcoin is not for all. Bitcoin futures, definitely are for a few select…

Back to the Gym - Get Under 99kg Beard Challenge


Getting fit is cool, getting heart rate normal is awesome. Visiting a gym can be really addictive. For the second time this year I'm taking beard growing challenge - not to shave it under I will get under 99 kilos.  Let me explain, back at the start of 2017 I applied for a gym membership at Tbilisi's Champions Academy, my weight was 105 kg, I made a challenge to grow a beard until I will weight less than 100kg. I reached my goal in less than 2 months. My best result was 97.2 kg on March 23rd,…

Champions Academy Tbilisi


Champions Academy in Tbilisi is a gym/ fitness / crossfit training facility, located on a 4-storey building on David Agmanashebeli avenue.  I've enrolled at Champions Academy at the start of February 2017, with a goal to train my heart using cardio vascular trainings, also I'm using a little bit weight lifting and some crossfit workouts.  The gym seem to be open starting 7:00 AM, which is great because of two reasons - first I love to exercise in the mornings, and second yes, this gym is…