Chateau Mere

Enzo’s Ezo Italian Restaurant in Kakheti


Discover chef Enzo’s Italian yard  with a positive vibe and happy atmosphere in the center of Chateau Mere hotel, close to Telavi  It's said that the place serves home-made simple rustic Italian food and 36 hours of rising dough pizza. We had a…

Weekend trip to Telavi (Georgia) and Vicinty


This is a short recap article about our latest trip to the region of Kakheti in Western Georgia, during a weekend trip we stayed in a lovely Chataeu Mere hotel near Telavi and explored the nearby vicinity. We did this trip as indie travelers, first…

Hotel Chateau Mere near Telavi


We booked hotel Chateau Mere Telavi at the start of April 2017 and were hoping to enjoy early spring in Kakheti. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side, and instead we enjoyed a couple of rainy days in a stylish hotel complex. For getting…