How I Lost 4.4 Pounds In 5 days In The Gym


With this article I'm starting new blog series on blog - fitness, my first article, kind of warm up article for beginners,will cover details on how I lost my first 4.4 lbs (2 kg) in the gym after first five days of training. For a prelude, I have been overweight for years, not obese, just overweight. My body weight have been in the range 210 - 242 lbs (95-110kg) for the past 10 years. My ideal body weight as I believe should be under 200 (90kg). I live medium healthy lifestyle, with the…

Champions Academy Tbilisi


Champions Academy in Tbilisi is a gym/ fitness / crossfit training facility, located on a 4-storey building on David Agmanashebeli avenue.  I've enrolled at Champions Academy at the start of February 2017, with a goal to train my heart using cardio vascular trainings, also I'm using a little bit weight lifting and some crossfit workouts.  The gym seem to be open starting 7:00 AM, which is great because of two reasons - first I love to exercise in the mornings, and second yes, this gym is…