Embūte Nature Park 4K. Ancient Curonian Land. Latvia . DJI MAVIC AIR 2


Made a quick drone video from Embūte, quite an awesome ancient land of Curonians. Got a feeling some old Curonian might come out of the woods with a wooden sword and ... If you happen to be in this area - make sure to visit this place. One of our favorites now Music by Scott Holmes: The Edge of Nowhere Taken December 13, 2020

Aizpute Saint John’s church


The Saint John evangelic Lutheran church in Aizpute is one of the oldest churches in Courland, historical region of Latvia.  On a rainy day I took my DSLR camera and headed to Aizpute Church mound to photograph this ancient site. Latter I was surprised to learn that on this place, prior a church were built was an ancient Curonian castle. Church mound in Aizpute This church is built on a mound, you can see a view from this mound in above image River Tebra near Aizpute church And what a…