Day in Borjomi National Park / Georgia


Day in Borjomi National Park - or we love to head here 2-3x times a year. Cool views, illegal dining in a secret restaurant, nice boutique apart-hotels, selfie-stick, trampolines, and of course a lot of mineral water. Decided to experiment with mobile + drone videography. What do you think? Should I do more like this? Drop me a comment!

DJI Mini Mavic Drone Review


DJI Mini Mavic drone has been around for a while already (since the end of 2019). It was at the start of July 2020, when I decided to order a drone for me.  As I didn't have any idea what's good and what's not, I just headed to Amazon and looked for best-selling drones/ quadcopters. I did order under $100 SnapTain 650 D, but once it was out for shipping and I started to familiarize better with the product from the description, I understood that this drone most probably is not for me - I was…

Georgia Expat Photography Club


Recently Johann contacted me with his idea to create a photography travel club in Georgia. Since I have been into a photography for the first day I got my first personal digital camera (it's some 6 years probably) - and for the last 4 years I have been living in amazing, very rich of spectacular views, country of Georgia which I have traveled around a lot (See my Georgia travels map) - I was just eager to promote his idea, to make a fun and entertaining community, fuelled with beautiful …

Top 5 Drones For Photography For Sale On Amazon


Few months ago during a hiking trip in an amazing Birtvisi Canyon (Republic of Georgia) I first started to "fantasy" about a drone photography. Back then, shortly returning from this trip I started to do some basic research on drones (what's popular, prices e.t.c.) and created the ultimate list of Best Drone To Buy in 2015.  Now since I have been into a photography as well, I decided to take a closer look on drones for photographers / photography and here is what I have found: DJI Phantom…