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Enhance Your Crypto Strategy: Selling In-the-Money 1 DTE Call Options on Ethereum


Are you looking to optimize your crypto trading strategy? Consider integrating the sale of in-the-money (ITM) 1 day to expiration (DTE) call options on Ethereum into your portfolio. At TerraMatris Crypto Hedge Fund, we're exploring this approach to potentially enhance returns and mitigate risk. Let's delve into how this strategy works and its potential benefits.Trade Setup:To illustrate, let's examine a recent trade executed on February 6, 2024:Long ETH Perpetual Futures: Purchased 0.1 Long ETH…

2023 Investment Update: Daily USD 50 into ETH with Leverage on Deribit


I remember the excitement I had a few years ago when I bought my first ETH coin investing 50 EUR and buying about 0.2 ETH. What a thrill, what an adrenaline. Back then I was investing about EUR 50/mo in ETH, BTC, and LTC. My investment was worth about EUR 150/mo. In just a couple of months, I more than doubled my total investment and it seemed the way to go, slow and steady, buy and hold, dollar cost averaging. Fast forward to 2023, I have decided to invest 50 USD daily in buying ETH. Nope, I…