Expo Georgia

Expo Georgia Exhibition Center in Tbilisi


One of my first memories from Georgia are very related with Expo Georgia Exhibition center, back in April 2011 when I first arrived to Georgia, just shortly I had an opportunity to visit a fair held here - Caucasus Tourism Fair. Back then I realized how important this venue place is for doing business in Georgia. Caucasus Tourism Fair 2014 Georgian - Latvian Business Forum If you are up to meeting new prospects or looking for some strong ties - fairs held here are absolutely worth of it.…

Potential Business Partner Search In Republic Of Georgia


During my blogging career I have received several messages on my blog's contact form asking for advice for potential business partner search in Tbilisi or Georgia. Well I only feel flattered and honored that I have been noticed and contacted (seems a major role is played here thanks to my posts in Living in Georgia category). I haven't searched for potential business partners here in Georgia (though I have been doing some business here). Currently  I'm open for a propositions from travel…

Caucasus Tourism Fair 2014


Every year in start of April, in Tbilisi, Georgia tourism fair is held. I'm visiting it already third time. This time I got some emptiness feeling, it doesn't looks like organizers has made any promotion both to attract visitors and companies. As usual at fair you could meet some hotel representatives, trying to give you some crappy brochure, rather telling their unique story. There are few international companies, which seems there are just to make a check box in their long long fairs list.…