Fish Farms

Admiral Fish Restaurant near Birtvisi / Algeti


Admiral Fish restaurant is located near Birtvisi canyon literally on Algeti river. We discovered this place a few years ago while hiking at Birtvisi canyon and have returned ever since, They have both a restaurant and fish farm on site, the place seems is run by Russian/Ukrainian business people. Here you can get a wide variety of fish food and caviar. It's said they deliver to Tbilisi fish also. Admiral Fish restaurant There is a place for parking, a kid's corner, restrooms, and really…

Investment Opportunity in Georgia - Fish Farming & Agro Tourism


The other morning I was contacted by acquaintance informing about interesting investment opportunity in Georgia. Investment opportunity involves fish farming and possible agro tourism. As this investment asks more than $300,000 and is out of my knowledge, I decided to "list" it on blog as blog is getting a lot of eyeballs regarding invest in Georgia. Here is the proposal: This package is to find interested investors for 350,000 USD for a 49% share in the project. The entire farm and project…