Gold futures

Introducing TerraM Gold Fund: A New Chapter in Diversified Investment


I'm very excited to announce the launch of the TerraM Gold Fund, a significant milestone in our journey at Terramatris. This new fund represents our commitment to offering diversified investment opportunities tailored to the evolving needs of our clients. As we embark on this new venture, we want to share the strategic approach we are adopting and the rationale behind our decision to start the TerraM Gold Fund.Why We Are Launching the TerraM Gold FundGold has long been revered as a stable and…

From Gold Mines in Africa to Meow Meow Tokens: A Crypto Adventure in Tbilisi


In the vibrant streets of Tbilisi, where cultures collide and opportunities abound, my South African friend Rob approached me with an intriguing proposal. He suggested forming a partnership to acquire shares in a goldmine, possibly nestled in the mineral-rich lands of Lesotho. However, as I delved deeper into the concept, a new idea emerged—one that would blend my financial expertise with the innovation of blockchain technology.Drawing from my experience as a crypto fund manager at TerraMatris…

Capturing Contango with Gold Futures Spread


On September 21, 2023, I bought 1 October 27, 2023 expiry long Gold futures contract at 1,919.30 and sold 1 November 28, 2023 expiry short Gold futures contract at 1928.4. The difference between both legs is -9.1. To make any profit the spreads of the legs should be less than -9.1 by October 27, 2023. I have been observing Gold Futres for most of September and in fact, I already opened one such trade in my other stock portfolio, but the reason to open this particular trade comes as a push…