Greek restaurant

Filenia Cretan Restaurant near Triopetra


Filenia restaurant was a really nice discovery after we checked in at Triopetra Notos Hotel  - traditional Cretan lamb (and not only) dishes. We were just driving around the area after caught a very beautiful sunset at the Libyan sea, see: Catching Sunset Photography at The Libyan See (Crete, Greece) Another lovely roadside restaurant in Crete Traditional Cretan lamb with pasta Specialty of house - honey filled pies

One of The Best Traditional Cretan Restaurants - Gramvousa in Kaliviani


There is another clear winner in my top restaurant list - Gramvousa Restaurant in the small Cretan village Kaliviani. Discovered by the accident, during our travels in Crete at the start of June 2017. We headed here after failed attempt to reach Balos beach in the nearby vicinity, see: Discoveries in Crete - Rough Road To Balos Beach Right now it's hard to remember where did we actually headed, but we were driving through this small village, just later we learned the name of it - Kaliviani.…

Cafe Mixail Malandrakis in Kalydonia, Crete


Cafe Mixail Malandrakis is located in a small village of Kalydonia, Crete in distance some 25km from Chania town. We discovered this place by accident, when, after checking out from a hotel room in Agia Marina (see: Vergina Beach Hotel Review, Agia Marina, Crete), took a rental car and decided to head in the direction towards Kissamos. it was still quite early, and we decided it would be a very good idea to have some morning coffee.  As usual, it happens with such lovely roadsides cafeterias…

Taverna En Plo in Chania


This was a very long and tiring day, in the morning we left Tbilisi to travel to Athens, spent whole day there, and in the evening fled to Chania, Crete, after we checked in at out apartment in Chania, I took a tripod and we made a lovely evening photo walk. Our evening ended at this nice Greek tavern - En Plo on Portou street 20.  En Plo seems is a quite popular tourist place, we hardly managed to get a free table here once we get one we spent a good time of waiting our order to be taken…

Restaurant 'Akropolis' In Linden, Germany


Welcome to my second restaurant review in Germany. First one happened some 90 km west from Linden. Read Restaurant Bellini In Andernach, Germany.  Today I will write about a Greek style restaurant Akropolis in a lovely German city of Linden (Province of Hesse). The idea to visit this restaurant arise from our friend who had visited this place many times before.  Restaurant Akropolis in Linden, Germany With my short knowledge of German I can read following from above picture: it serves both…