Walden Gudaleti


The day kicked off with a spontaneous morning call to a friend, setting the stage for an exciting adventure. Our destination? The intriguing Gudaleti, where a German friend was crafting something truly extraordinary. The prospect of exploration and the promise of a great time propelled us forward, making this Sunday a perfect blend of relaxation and discovery.Scenic Stops in MtskehtaOur journey meandered through the charming town of Mtskehta, known for its rich history and breathtaking…

Gudaleti Monastery Complex


Gudaleti monastery complex is located in the village of Gudaleti on an elevated spot, on the edge of a high gorge on the river Gudaleura. The church is located about 1 hour and 20 minutes drive from Tbilisi. The complex includes the Church of the Assumption and a tower fortress. We discovered this church by chance while driving through the village of Gudaleti to visit a friend who has bought a house in the same village. Seems the church is under renovation and is being completely rebuilt (2022…

And drones fly at Pasanauri


'Un droni lido Pasanauri '- or another strange but awesome weekend has been in our tapes - it was planned to visit Gudauri, but 16km from the skiing resort the road was blocked, we turned our car around and visited Ralph Schmidt in Gudaleti, with nice views toward Mount Kazbek instead.