Iori river

Dalis Mta Water Reservoir


Dalis Mta water reservoir is a man made reservoir built on Iori river, at the distance of 30 km to the south of Dedoplistskaro, in the vicinity of Chachuna Managed Reserve.  We first discovered it during a Vashlovani trip in the Summer of 2021, we actually stayed overnight next to this water reservoir at the Hotel Dalis Mta Very spectacular place. I would say - one of the most interesting I have recently seen.  The mountain at the coast of the water reservoir is called “Dalis Mta”. The total…

Sioni Water Reservoir (Georgia)


I had never been to this area of Georgia before, the lucky day come and I negotiated with our driver to visit town of Tianeti. It was from Tianeti driver suggested us to visit Sioni lake, or more precisely Sioni water reservoir. In short - another spectacular place to see and visit while in Georgia. I didn't find much background of this place, thus I'm guessing this is an artificial water lake, built during soviet era, probably in 1950-ties.The dam is built on Iori river . Anyhow I was here…