Summer Solstice 2023


In case you wondered how we celebrated Summer's Solstice 2023  - we celebrated it at our rural country house some 25 km from Liepåja in Latvia. Having a lot of fun. I invited my mom to join us for the little party. Just four of us. We bought this little Dacha last year for just EUR 5,000 and now we have a place where to come and celebrate at least Līgo once in a year. I had to spend a good evening trimming grass tonight Having a property puts on a lot of responsibility, and my biggest fight…

Stargazing in Ječi, Boat Riding in Laidi, Stock Trading in Vilgāle


Yesterday we traveled to Ječi to move the lawn, grill a fish and use it as a camp base before visiting a pebbled beach near Nida close to the Latvian/Lithuanian. Our new favorite shop - LIDL, fish is awesome and the rest is good too. We are lucky to have one LIDL store in Liepaja, about 25 km from our Ječi house.  I love both Nida and Pape, really awesome beaches. Pāvilosta is good, Jūrkalne too.  After returning to Ječi and making our campfire it was already dark and I guess I was able to…

Laidi, Ječi & Verbelnieki


Another interesting day has been recorded for history. We started this morning by unloading a cellar in Laidi castle. Later in the afternoon visited Ječi and for the second time, this week already went for a lovely dinner at Verbelnieki. In the evening we returned to Laidi and I had a chance to observe the stock market for a few minutes - my positions were in recovery ING was up, and Barrick Gold also. Life is good!

Fun day in Liepāja, Ječi and Verbelnieki


The day started with visiting the cinema Cinamon in Liepaja, a cool movie about Minions in Latvian. After the movie went to the Fontaine place to order some pizza and then headed to Jeci to visit our new property and trim the grass, I already bought an electric lawnmower a few weeks ago in Riga. Now was a good time to excel. After a few hours of lawn moving we went for dinner and sunset photography to Verbelnieki - a really awesome camping area next to the Baltic sea. Returned for an…

New Investment Project - Summer House with Garden in Latvia


Welcome to another interesting project in the home remodeling series. - summer house with a garden in SouthWest Latvia. It turns out this is already the third, ongoing home remodeling project featured on the blog. Exciting. This is the project my fiancee actually bought, without first seeing it - the price seemed very good, not to take this property. I was a bit skeptical at the start, as we still have another ongoing renovation project with the apartment in Vilgale, but I found this offer a…