Natakhtari Airfield / Airport


Natakhtari Airfield is a small domestic airport located in Natakhtari, close to Tbilisi, Georgia. It is privately owned and operated by the parent company of Vanilla Sky Airlines, Service Air. Domestic flights to Batumi, Mestia, and Ambrolauri are served from here. Free shuttle service is available from Tbilisi city center for Vanilla Sky flights. We have been huge fans of Vanilla sky airlines, for Tbilisi - Batumi flights, which previously were scheduled from Tbilisi international airport,…

Pshavi's Champions Natakhtari Restaurant


Pshavi's Champions is another awesome roadside restaurant located in the village of Natakhari (Gudauri highway) We love coming to this area for dinner and have discovered already a few Natakhtari restaurants so far. We were jsut returned from Sri Lanka trip and were looking for some nice dinning place - that show we ended up at Pshavi's Champions place. Turns out Pshavi Champions is a chain of restaurants Khashi's House and Pshavi Champions is a chain of restaurants that first appeared on…

Restaurant Imeruli Ezo


Restaurant Imeruli Ezo is a nice roadside restaurant located in Natakhtari (this area is famous for its restaurants) We made a lovely dinner here at the start of June 2020, returning from our adventures at the Poppy fields near Mchadijvari Inside yard at Imeruli Ezo In direct translation from Georgian to English - Imeruli Ezo - means - Imeretian yard. And yes they are serving here Imeretian style food. The food at Imeruli Ezo We ordered some salads, mcvadi, badrijani, Turkish Coffee,…

Restaurant Natakhtaris Veli


Restaurant Natakhtris Veli is located in the Natakhtari village, accessible when driving from Tbilisi via Mtskheta to Gudauri.  This place serves typical Georgian cuisine. Cozy atmosphere, fast service, friendly staff. Actually a pretty touristic place, but despite that, no rip off here.  Restaurant Natakhtaris Veli Located next to the Mtksheta- Gudauri highway. You can park your car in front of the restaurant. Meal at Restaurant Natakhtaris Veli

Chashnagiri Restaurant Review in Natakhtari


For many hearing a name of Natakhtari first associations might be related to those tasty Georgian lemonades branded under 'Natakhtari' name. Well, turns out Natakhtari actually is village located in Georgia's region of Mtskheta-Mtianeti, pretty close to nations capital Tbilisi. This village is advanced enough to have pretty sold restaurants located here, and today I will wrote about one of them - Chashnagiri Restaurant. This restaurant was recommended by a friend of mine, and recently by doing…