Short Day Trip to Lithuania (Curonian Spit)


At start of May 2016, we went on a short two day trip to Lithuania, we had no goal or destination planned. Just a spontaneous trip idea. Unfortunetly our car broke somewhere in middle of nowhere (Barta- Rucava road) and we had to stay overnight in Liepaja.  Next morning we booked a rental car and our spontaneous trip started. We visited Palanga, Klaipeda, Juodkrante and Nida on Curonian Spit. 

Chili Pizza in Palanga


Chili Pizza is a popular Lithuanian pizzeria chain. Today we paid a visit to one located in Lithuanian beach town of Palanga.  Chili Pizza in Palanga, Lithuania Located in multi storey building on lively walking street in Palanga, very close to the Sea Bridge, this place serves traditional Lithuanian cuisine, which is pretty European, thus there are few Lithuanian specialties you should try once in Lithuania. For example big stuffed dumpling called cepelinai or  didžkukuliai, no, it's not…

Sea Bridge in Palanga


Sea bridge in Palanga is probably the most popular tourist attraction in Lithuanian beach resort town of Palanga. It reaches into the sea for 407 metres and is shaped in the form of letter L. The pier provides a chance to see the shore from a different perspective while going for a walk, at the same time, it is still opened for small tourist ships in summer. Sea bridge in Palanga Palanga Pier was first constructed in 1884, in order to revive the Palanga port. The steamship that was also…

Walking Street in Palanga


Palanga is a nice little beach resort town in Lithuania. The city features a walking street, with many cafes and restaurants, local art and craft and so on. Unfortunately I didn't figure out what name does this street wears, so lets call it just Walking street in Palanga. Turns out, this is the first geo - tagged post from Lithuania at this blog, thus I have visited Lithuania countless time prior, including Palanga.  We arrived to Palanga from Liepāja, straight from Royal Fontaine hotel. One…