Coffee shop KUUP, Rēzekne


Kuup coffee shop is a chic place in Rēzekne, which offers coffee roasted in Latgale.  We found this place by a chance, thanks to TripAdvisor when searching for top restaurants in Rēzekne. We arrived here for some 40km from Varakļāni, just to have our morning coffee.  Pastry, coffee and sandwiches. Kuup has its own coffee roastery, they sell both coffee roasted in Latgale and some souvenirs at their coffee shop Quite awesome place. If you happen to be in Rēzekne, make sure to visit coffe shop…

The Sacred Heart Cathedral of Rēzekne


The Sacred Heart Cathedral of Rēzekne is located in Rēzekne, Latvia. I briefly visited this cathedral at the start of August 2022, during my birthday trip to the region of Latgale On the site occupied by the church, there existed a wooden temple built in 1685. The church burned down in 1887 during a storm and the following year the works for the new and present neo-Romanesque style church began. Construction was completed in 1902 under the guidance of Florian Viganovskis, dedicated in 1904,…

Rēzekne Castle ruins


Rēzekne Castle ruins are located in the downtown of Rēzekne, Latvia, a city in the center of Latgale. The castle served as a base of the local Livonian order landlords until the 16th century and also as the main military support base for battles against Russians and Lithuanians. Today, fragments of the stone walls and the foundation can be seen on the ancient castle hill. Archeological excavations reveal that between the 9th and 12th centuries a Latgalian wooden fortress was situated in the…