Ninotsminda Cathedral


Ninotsminda Cathedral is located in the Ninotsminda village near Sagarejo, in the Kakheti region, Georgia. Ninotsminda Cathedral is highly significant to the development of Georgian architecture as constructed in AD 575 it predates Jvari Monastery in Mtskheta, and served as a model for the development of the later tetraconch (four-apse) form. I visited this cathedral first in January 2019 and was more than surprised on how much I enjoyed this place Ninotsminda cathedral near Sagarejo in…

Investment Opportunity in Georgia - Fish Farming & Agro Tourism


The other morning I was contacted by acquaintance informing about interesting investment opportunity in Georgia. Investment opportunity involves fish farming and possible agro tourism. As this investment asks more than $300,000 and is out of my knowledge, I decided to "list" it on blog as blog is getting a lot of eyeballs regarding invest in Georgia. Here is the proposal: This package is to find interested investors for 350,000 USD for a 49% share in the project. The entire farm and project…

South African Fish Farms in Georgia (Sagarejo, Sartichala)


The other day I was contacted on my blog's contact form by locally living foreigner in Georgia originally coming from South Africa. It turned out Afrikaner guy (Johann Kritzinger)  is a manager of South African owned fish farms here in Georgia.  Since I'm open to almost anything new and unknown for me, I asked is it possible to arrange some sightseeing tour in his properties. I'm a complete noob in a fishery, fish farms e.t.c. I could barely find any difference between a carp and a salmon, so…