Spring Break in Latvia


If you're looking for a unique and unforgettable Spring Break experience, Latvia might just be the perfect destination for you. With its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and lively cities, Latvia offers a one-of-a-kind vacation that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime. One of the highlights of any trip to Latvia is exploring the western part of the country, which is known for its stunning natural scenery and outdoor activities. Whether you're interested in hiking, fishing, or…

Easter Egg Painting 2018


The Christ is risen!  Though we already celebrated Easters last week, the Orthodox Church (including Georgia) is celebrating Easters on April 8th, 2018. In today's Piece of Life series - our  already annual tradition - Easter egg painting (from the last week) Easter egg painting 2018 Egg decor for 2018  Cat enjoying painted Easter eggs Easter egg and chocolate candy basket 2018 Happy Easters!

Waiting For The Spring (Sunset HDR)


A tranquil evening, remote road and beautiful sunset. I was prepared, backpack with the gear was in the backseat, and here you go - tranquil mood, lots of clouds and my beloved HDR photography technique. In a couple of weeks (days) it will start blooming, but for now, there is even some snow leftover in the ditches.  Shot in Latvia, at the end of March 2018. Sunset in Latvia Sunset HDR

Postcards from Yerevan (Spring)


Back at the March 2016, we made a short, but very remarkable trip to Armenia and of course its capital Yerevan. In today's Piece of Life series - a day from Spring in the city of Yerevan. Republic Square in Yerevan Read more detailed article about the Republic Square of Yerevan. View towards mount Ararat Architecture in Yerevan city center Sculpture in Yerevan's park Advertisement in Yerevan Panoramic view of Yerevan In the background - Yerevan's brandy factory - Ararat,…

First Sprouts of Spring


A few days ago we constructed our second veggie garden in wooden boxes, then we planted. Few days latter first sprouts were observed. I was busy with scratching wallpaper from the other room we decided to improve this year, while my better part took some lovely close ups and macro's in garden. Strawberry plants Bought these plants at local Kuldiga market Rhubarb You can make a lovely jelly out of these, or you can try to make a rhubarb wine later. We decided to try later this Summer…