Evening on the Vilgāle Lake


It was already past 8 PM, I was just finished tiling the bathroom at our Vilgāle apartment when my fiancee and kiddo arrived to pick me up. My best part gave me the drone and said - it's a beautiful evening to fly a drone. I looked around and agreed. The Vilgāle lake was covered in mist, the Sun was setting. Beautiful.  Look at the beautiful rooftop on the bottom left. Across the lake there is Vilgale village located where we own a Soviet style apartment Piece of Life

Pearl of Tbilisi - Gardenia Shevardnadze Flower Garden


Gardenia Shevardnadze is a lovely flower garden in Tbilisi, where you can buy seedlings for your yard, balcony, terrace, home, or office.  The place is popular among photographers, tourists, gardeners, and enjoyers of life. After visiting this place so many times, while living in Georgia, I wouldn't hesitate to call this place a Pearl of Tbilisi and include it among the top 10 must-visit places in the Georgian capital.  It was an early Saturday morning, at the start of June 2022, we decided…

Another morning, another beatiful mist


It seems I have a new tradition - for the second year in the row I have captured beautiful morning mist in our country house backyard. Alright, previous year my beloved did the shooting while I was dreaming about roof works. This time I couldn't sleep (as I was thinking of upcoming bathroom remodeling works), and I noticed - a mist. In our backyard. See it for yourself: Mist over our pond and neighbors meadow Few things have changed this year: we have freshly dug pond and neighbor have…

Apple tree blossoms


A couple days ago I introduced you with first sprouts in our garden. Today allow me to show first apple tree blossoms from our apple orchard. Apple orchard in mid-May 2016 Apple tree blossom

Beautiful morning mist


It was an early morning of August, back in 2015, I was still sleeping, tired of yesterday's hard work of unloading few tones of sand from our rural house's loft, probably still dreaming to finish anytime soon roofing works, when my better part took DSLR camera and went out shooting - look - what a beautiful mist she captured today: Morning mist  Mist in our backyard territory Mist in apple orchard mist over pine coppice

Summer in Latvia


Ask me - what does Latvia associates to me - and I will answer -  haystacks and mild Summer nights. Unfortunately last summer (2015) I didn't find any haystack in Latvia at all (instead they are using hay rolls), but I did enjoyed some wanderings in cornfields (and, yes, they are great for photography) In today's Piece of Life photo project series - allow me to introduce you - Latvia in Summer.  Margret Cornfield in Latvia Ancient trees alley Cornflower field in Latvia Cornfield…

Operation - Saving Swans


That happened in Summer 2015 on a highway connecting Liepaja with Riga in Latvia. We were returning home from Liepāja and enjoyed a newly constructed (renovated) Liepāja highway, when suddenly we had to stop our car because of a Swan family walked just in the middle of the highway in front of our car. Swans looked confused, they were trying to get somewhere, as we later learned - they were searching for a lake. Swan family walking in the middle of highway Swan family Lady helping to…