Tbilisi museums

Georgian Museum of Fine Arts


Georgian Museum of Fine arts is located on Rustaveli avenue just opposite to Tbilisi parliament building. The museum has been opened for public just recently at the end of 2018. It is interesting to note that currently, it is the only building in Georgia built purposely to house art exhibitions. The museum houses over 3500 artworks, created by over 80 artists during the last 70 years.  The museum exhibits private art collection of the family of Dr. George (Gia) Jokhtaberidze and Manana…

Zurab Tsereteli Museum of Modern Art in Tbilisi


I don't call myself an art or museum person, thus time by time I visit some exhibition, and that's exactly happened again at start of December, 2015 - For the first time I visited Tbilisi MoMA (Museum of Modern Art). And it happened by accident. It started as a planed visit to classical music event in frames of Tbilisi Baroque Festival. We left our apartment early and had some time to spend on lively Rustaveli avenue, for a starter we headed to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to enjoy cup of…

Jūlijs Straume: Caucasus on my mind; exhibition at Tbilisi State Museum of Folk and Applied Arts of Georgia


Jūlijs Straume, was a renowned Latvian artist who left a lasting impact on the art world. Despite his passing, his legacy lives on through the active efforts of the Latvian Diaspora in Georgia, who continue to honor his works. Jūlijs Straume (July 2, 1874 - November 1, 1970) was a Latvian textile artist, educator, and ethnographer, and an Honored Art Worker of the Latvian SSR. He studied in Jelgava and St. Petersburg and later refined his skills in Paris (1905-1907). From 1907 to 1923, he…