Tskneti restaurants

Chops by the River - Restaurant & Grill


Chops by the River restaurant and grill is now among my favorite Tskenti restaurants, and allow me to say among Tbilisi restaurants as well. Located in village of Tskneti this restaurant offers single priced grill menus and very pleasant atmosphere. I have heard of this place by some friend before, but the circumstances that made us actually to visit this restaurant was a little bit strange. As an active outdoor lovers we were off to hiking trip from Tskenti to Turtle lake, unfortunately this…

Restaurant Tsiskvili in Tskneti


It was a mid day of working day at the start of December when I came up with spontaneous idea  - lets leave our work behind and let's go out. I was eager to photography a daylight photography for my 365 photo project. We decided to use public bus instead of using a taxi to get to the Freedom Square in Tbilisi center. So we were standing at bus stop and couldn't figure out which bus actually goes to Freedom Square. I proposed, hey let's take bus #34 heading to Tskenti, which already approached…

Restaurant 'Деловой ...' Review in Tskneti


Welcome to another Tbilisi Restaurant review - today I will speak of a restaurant located in Tbilisi Suburbs in Tskenti. The problem is that I don't know name of this restaurant, today I asked a locals and they told it's called a 'Biz... of something', in Russian they used a word 'Деловой'... well sorry I cannot give you a more details of this restaurants name. But I must admit I like 'Деловой...' very much. We arrived here after a bowling match at Kopala bowling centre. Before I will dig…