Daytrip to Kakheti / Ujarma fortress / Alazani river / Vineyards in Georgia / DJI Mavic Mini


Here is another interesting drone video showcasing Ujarma fortress, Alazani river, and vineyards in Kakheti More fun with a drone or a day trip to Kakheti. Ujarma Fortress, stunning views of Alazani river and of course vineyards. October 3, 2020, taken with DJI Mavic mini Music by: Scott Holmes - Storybook

Ujarma Fortress from a drone flight


Ujarma Fortress is located some 45 km east from the nation's capital Tbilisi, in the Kakheti region. We were off for a daytrip to Kakheti, and it was not planned to make a stop at Ujarma, but as I had a drone with myself I decided to take a better look on the fortress complex from above. Here is what we got: Ujarma fortress from a drone flight The fortress consisted of two parts: the Upper Fortress (the Citadel) and the Lower City. A royal palace, consisting of a two-storey building, was…

Resort Ujarma


Resort Ujarma is located on the banks of Iori river some 32 km from Tbilisi (about 40 minute drive with a car) The main feature of the Resort Ujarma is healing water with iodine and bromine. The entire territory of the resort covered in forest. The climate is characteristic of the low mountains of eastern Georgia, relatively wet. We discovered this interesting  - back to the USSR style, place on a lovely Saturday morning in early June 2019, after agreeing to drive after one of the most …

Ujarma Fortress


Ujarma  is a medieval Georgian fortress in the Kakheti region, located some 45 km east from the nation's capital Tbilisi. It's believed than in the second half of the 5th century, famous Vakhtang Gorgasali (founder of Tbilisi) erected numerous buildings in Ujarma and moved his residence there. After Vakhtang’s death, his heir Dachi was ruling Kakheti for some period from here. In the 10th century, Ujarma was destroyed by Arabian forces of Abul Kassim. In the 13th century, the fortress was…